It is not without the tremendous support that Wild Roots Farm Vermont has received since 2013, that has allowed us to expand so rapidly and develop resilient farm systems capable of producing high quality food for our community, while also improving the site in which we are working in.  From college students to veterans, village elders to children, we have been fortunate to have a wonderful community provide their life experience, and sweat equity to help develop our 2.5 acre forest farm and 10.5 acre agro-forestry site.

In 2015, Wild Roots Farm Vermont received donations from R.K. Miles for building supplies, Farmer Veteran Coalition for a well dug by Spafford & Sons, and from Work Vessels for Veterans for an 1,100 gallon water tank and high tunnel.

In 2016, we received funding from NRCS for pollinator strips, forest buffer zones and a seasonal high tunnel, and a donation from the Farmer Veteran Coalition of lumber for our livestock barn.

The most rewarding part of this endeavor have been the classes and students from Sterling College, UVM and Middlebury College, from NOFA-VT and our farmer veterans, that have viewed and been a part of what agriculture can be, and left our site feeling excited about the future rather than overwhelmed with uncertainty of the future. 

As we move into winter, the 2017 season is being meticulously planned for so that we can provide our community andsupporters with the highest quality food and workshop opportunities.  We look forward to seeing you on the farm.