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How much are you willing to carry so others may live? 

Since 9/11, over 30,000 service members have ended their own lives to suicide- that is over 4x the amount killed in action from engagements in the Global War on Terror.

Many of these individuals lacked an appropriate transition out of combat or military service, sufficient treatment for injuries sustained overseas, or have not been able to find a support system willing to push veterans forward in life through trauma and difficulties after returning home.

What is the challenge? 

22 pounds

22 peaks

1,500 feet elevation gain minimum

The 22 Peaks Challenge is intended to raise money for veteran organizations that actively work to help our community rewrite their narrative and move beyond dependencies which prevent them from reaching their human potential.  

Who can sign up?

Anyone. You do not need to be a veteran, just a motivated individual with access to mountains, hills, a treadmill or lots of stairs.

How does this work?

Register, weigh your gear, and go hike.

The registration cost covers individual participants' T-shirt, challenge coin and patch upon completion, and initial donation


Packs must be a minimum of 22 pounds, peaks may be repeated but if they are less than 1,500' gain, must be climbed again until that elevation is obtained. If all you have is a treadmill, set the elevation and go til you get 1,500'.  

If you are unable to participate, donations can still be made.


We want for this challenge to extend beyond the boundaries of our country & reach around the world and for folks to help support organizations that care about our veteran community.


Registration begins February 18, 2022 and will end November 11, 2022

You have one year to complete the challenge from your registration date

Assuming Risk and Liability

By registering for this challenge, you (participant) and all known entities and affiliations of participant, acknowledge the inherent risk of this challenge which includes but is not limited to, injury or death, and proceed to undergo this challenge by your own free will and cannot hold 22 Peaks Challenge, known affiliates or entities accountable for all known and unknown risks or results of these risks stated above.


We are proud to announce that Heroes & Horses will be the first recipient of this challenge's donations.

Heroes and Horses Mission

By providing tools to redefine their purpose, rediscover their inner strength, maximize their potential and take ownership of their lives, we offer combat veterans an alternative solution for defining and approaching their physical and mental scars for reintegration back into civilian life post-combat.

Our Program

Over 41- days we use a 360-degree whole human approach that combines whole-food eating, mindset, breathing techniques, meditation, remote wilderness, and wild horses. Our goal is to break the addiction cycle of looking out for answers and outsourcing the decisions that impact their lives to others.

Your Impact

Our organization believes that each donation is an investment in our purpose and mission. With your support, we will be able to continue providing an alternative solution for our veteran community. Over the last several years, we have provided a place where the answers for problems are not told to you but exist on the other side of the unknown door- the door that leads to living in the power of one’s own creativity. Thank you for investing in our community and being a champion for this program.

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