There is a legacy of having at least one member of my family that served in all major conflicts going back to the Revolutionary War, multiple with the recent combat theatres. The other side of that coin is that they were all farmers, homesteaders and innovators of their time from Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky.  

In 2009, my wife and I kept grew our first crops in a community garden in northern Vermont.  There was a moment of clarity and renewed sense of purpose after being recently discharged from the Marine Corps with multiple combat deployments.  Since then, our plots have increased rapidly to which we now manage 10 acres of land and have implimented many practices centered around agro-forestry and ecological design.

Wild Roots Community Farm is a diversified operation dedicated to community resilience through food systems education, wilderness living skills, and climate resilient practices.

We are a part of the fabric which molds and shapes our landscape, and if we take moments to observe how natural systems function- their patterns, existing wildlife, how weather moves and reacts to topography and micro-climates, etc.,  we can make decisions that increase our ability to adapt to the internal and external forces of a food system.  

On our farm we raise pigs, goats and chickens on pasture or in the woods, grow various fruits, nuts, and berries in our silvo-pasture that is managed by rotating species, annual vegetables in the field as well as in two high tunnels, have dedicated wildlife corridors to support native pollinators and songbird habitat, and now have a nature based early education program, Wrens Nest Forest Preschool, on site.   

As always, we genuinely enjoy meeting new people, hosting events, supporting student lead projects or just getting our hands in the ground with volunteer groups.  There are many big plans for the future and we hope you are able to pay a visit.

Stay healthy, Get strong, Be kind


Farmer Jon 

Wild Roots Community Farm