Food Systems       Wilderness Survival       Self-rescue     


Classes in food systems are centered around ecological design, whole systems thinking and homesteading- How does one's intent and available resources build a regenerative system that increases biodiversity while supporting humans, pollinators and other beneficial wildlife? How can one be more self-sufficient and develop a healthy relationship with the landscape?


Classes in wilderness survival and self-rescue are focused on developing a skillset and mindset that increase the capability to function in any environment, whether on the homestead or in the wilderness, using primitive and modern methods for survival.

Curriculum for adults and kids includes shelter, water, fire, food and tools, first aid, navigation, communications and signaling. In addition to regularclasses, we will be running two Fieldcraft for Kids Summer Camps this summer.  


Class list for winter/ spring 2023 listed below. Please follow the link for pre-registration Fieldcraft and Self Reliance | Eventbrite

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